Where the Hell is Israel? Matt Harding Finds Out

YouTube legend Matt Harding(aka “Where The Hell is Matt”) dropped by Dizengoff Square in Tel Aviv to film his Israeli fans dancing for his third YouTube clip. When my husband and I found out, we decided to join in, of course!

For those who still don’t know Matt’s story, here’s a rundown:

A few years back, Matt decided to screw everything, quit his 9 to 5 day job working with computer games and travel around the world. A friend of his came up with the idea to film Matt doing his “unique” dance at every location they went to and made the first “Where the Hell is Matt” video clip. The clip was an overnight YouTube success, which quickly got a chewing gum company called Stride to make Matt the following offer (more or less):

“Plan another trip around the world, anywhere you wantall expenses paid by us, and make a second clip for YouTube. All we want in return is that you write, “Thank you to Stride” at the end of the clip.”

Matt agreed. (Duh, you think?)

And so, here he is in the heart of Tel Aviv, filming yet another clip around the world, explaining how it is gonna work and demonstrating his infamous dance to the delight of the participants. I filmed this from inside the group of dancers:

For the record, Matt was charming and friendly (even in the scorching sun) and it was a pleasure making a fool out of myself for him:

Here Matt hands out Stride Gum bracelets to participants after they sign the release form:

Matt hands out Stride Gum bracelets to participants

Matt sneaks a peek at the camera before his girlfriend starts filming:

Matt Harding and his girlfriend sneak a peak at the dancers

Me, Matt and Niv (my hubby)

Me, Matt and Niv (my hubby)

You can see more video footage from the event on Ynet, (I’m the girl in the close-up at 1:01 being blinded by the sun).

This month alone, Matt has already managed to shoot his infamous dance in Portugal, France, Belgium, Sweden and now, Israel.

The final product is said to be up and running on the web in a couple of months.

Thanks, Matt, for spreading the love.



The finished video!

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