“They knew the risk”

I just read a meme that said:

When people are killed in the line of duty I always hear the same sentiment: “They knew the risk when they took the job.”
How come we can’t apply this logic when criminals are killed during arrests? “They knew the risk when they did the crime.”


Answer: Because it’s not ok for police to kill people (of any color). Cops should be trained to kill only as a last resort. In some countries, cops aren’t even allowed to carry a gun on them. They have to leave it locked in a safe inside their patrol car and call in for special permission to use it. So no, I refuse to accept that people (that’s what criminals are) should just “know the risk” of being killed by a cop.

By the way, when a person commits a crime, not only do they have the right to a fair trial, but it’s in the public’s best interest that the case is investigated thoroughly. It’s kind of hard to interrogate a dead man. Not impossible, but hard.

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