The End of an Era

Today is the big day. If all goes well and there are no surprises (you never know), it will be the end of an era for Netanyahu. Try as he might, he couldn’t form a government because he did not have enough support from his voters and from other parties. And boy, did he try. He even provoked a war.

Meanwhile, the rest of us couldn’t agree on who we wanted instead of him, so now we will have a new and interesting “unity” government of right/center/left people who don’t exactly agree on everything but represent most of us, and they will have to learn to work together. Unlike Netanyahu, this new government is generally motivated to work and make progress so we’ll see what happens. Worst case scenario, the new government will “fail” but by the time we go to new elections, hopefully we’ll know more about what we want and don’t want after seeing these people in action.

For those who feel bad for Bibi (even I do, on some level).. don’t worry, he’s FINE. He’s not actually leaving, just moving to the Opposition where he and his buddies can try to make it as difficult as possible for the new government to succeed. Also, don’t forget he has three trials to focus on with charges of breach of trust, bribery and fraud.

Above: Me replying to the English comments on Netanyahu and Likud’s social media pages.

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