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Running to the Future


“I was looking out of the window in New York and everybody was rushing around, almost running. Everybody seemed to be in a state of intense nervous tension, anxiety. It’s suffering, really, but it’s not recognized as suffering. And I thought, where are they all running to? And of course, they are all running to the future. They are needing to get somewhere, which is not here. It is a point in time: not now—then. They are running to a then. They are suffering, but they don’t even know it.”

Eckhart Tolle

You Will Recognize Your Own Path

you will recognize your own path
It’s true! And the fastest way to recognize that it’s true is to see how it has already been true in your life. Those moments in life where you were doing something with all your heart, where you were feeling inspired, when you didn’t even notice how fast time flew by… Those are the moments when you know you are on your path and in alignment with your higher self!
~ Shira