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The Calming Effect

Over the past few years, I’ve been told by several people in various situations, that I have a “calming effect” on them. It always makes me laugh because I know my mind and “calm” is not necessarily the right description. The calm before the storm, maybe.

Usually, I just write it off to the fact that I’m soft-spoken, polite, (you know, just your basic ‘decent human being’ stuff which has become something of a lost art.) But tonight it happened again, a stranger I interacted with who started off by saying they had had a “long day”, later randomly mentioned this calming effect again.

It got me thinking, maybe I should stop ignoring these little messages from the universe and start using my calming superpowers for the greater good. I have a feeling the world could use some calming energy right about now and in the years ahead. Not sure what that means for me exactly, but I think I’m open to finding out.

When I wrote this on social media, someone commented: “It’s the balancing your being brings.. most people just don’t know what to call it.” It helped me to fine-tune this thing because I realized they were right.

In these moments, it’s usually me just “being” and the other person allowing themselves to share this space with me till we find some kind of balance. In tonight’s case we were forced to occupy the same space for a while so they had to adjust. In extreme situations, when people are way off to the other edge of the stress spectrum, my so-called calming energy can sometimes be overwhelming for them and they resist it even more. In those cases there is just no possibility for balance.

Anyway, that’s it. Namaste, bitches. (This calming thing comes and goes.)

Today I ran into a girl in the elevator who was moving in to an apartment on my floor. In the 30 second ride together we started talking and she said she’s been moving around a lot lately. I asked her why she was moving so much, if she was traveling..? And as the elevator reached our floor, she just smiled at me and said “Fate.”

I’m officially intrigued…

Is Someone Trying To Tell Me Something?

I woke up this morning thanking the Universe “for the upcoming day, for the new opportunities that will open up for me, for the people that will cross my path and the coincidences or synchronicity of events that will help me to find my true purpose and higher Self.”  (It’s something new I decided to try…)

A couple of hours later, an old friend I used to work with suddenly messaged me asking how I was doing and what I have been up to lately.

I told him a quick overview of my situation, which right now consists basically of the fact that I recently returned from a very inspirational journey to India and that I am focusing on my writing, browsing new income options and slowly trying to find my place back on track in the “real” world.

“Yeah, but what about singing?”, he asked. “Are you singing??”

I was surprised by his question:

A) because I was surprised that he remembered how much I love singing and that he actually cared whether I was doing it or not
and B) because it was one of the things that had often crossed my mind (and my path) when I was in India.

First of all, I had been faced with certain social situations on the trip where I was challenged to overcome my shyness and so-called “stage fright” in order to enjoy the situations to their fullest. For example:

    • performing a Hebrew song for the beautiful Muslim family that hosted us on their houseboat in Kashmir (they insisted I sing!)
    • or learning to let go and sing freely in my room even after realizing that the acoustics in the guesthouse we were staying at were horrible and that everybody could hear everybody whether we liked it or not. This, by the way, I learned on my first day there after innocently singing to myself in my room only to have one of the guests who was staying one floor below me tell me I have a really nice voice..

So not only was I challenged to face my fears, but what was even more intense was the sudden deep calling I started feeling to somehow combine my love of singing with my spiritual path. I just wasn’t sure what that meant. And it was very “convenient” for me to simply forget all about it, especially when I returned home.

That is, until my old friend asked me the million dollar question above and I was instantly sucked back into pondering the whole thing again. The only answer that seemed to come out was, “Not yet, but I will.”

So that was that.

Later this evening, I went to try a Kundalini Yoga class for the first time in my life. The class was pretty interesting (though I don’t have much to compare it to) but what caught my attention most was a certain song that the teacher played at the end of the lesson. It was a mantra, a sort of prayer that repeated itself over and over, sung by a woman with a beautiful and angelic voice. Something about her instantly caught my attention and I was intrigued to find out who she was or what her name was. It also got me thinking once again about using singing as a form of getting spiritual messages across. I contemplated asking the teacher the name of the singer but for some reason, I just picked up my stuff and left, humming the song in my head.

Again, more “convenient.”

And back to my computer I went, only to find a random forwarded mail, waiting in my inbox. It read the following:

Recommended website: A singer who is all light and love.. Music for the soul:

I had the honor of discovering the singer Snatam Kaur earlier this week. She really is a channel of purity that connects to higher dimensions.

I clicked the link, and to my shock and delight, the song that started playing on her homepage was.. you guessed it.. the same exact song I had just heard at the class… the same angelic voice.

I was floored.

I was inspired.

And after reading about her life, I was even more inspired.

So anyway, I don’t know what to do with all this yet.

But I guess I can start by thanking the Universe for the upcoming day, for the new opportunities that will open up for me, for the people that will cross my path and the coincidences or synchronicity of events that will help me to find my true purpose and higher Self.

The Books That Crossed My Path in India

the books that crossed my path

One of the things that played an important role on my recent trip to India (besides the amazing people I met there (but that’s a whole other post), were the amazing books that seemed to “cross my path” at just the right moment.

Whether running across them at local bookshops or receiving them for free from random travelers I met along the way, all 6 books seemed to have come into my life just as I needed to hear them most. The synchronicity of how it unfolded was incredible.

I found myself reading 4 or 5 books at a time (most of them I am still reading back home..) quickly jumping from one book to another in sort of a spiral form. It’s almost as if I came across enough information in one book to quickly prepare me for the next chapter in the next book, and then so on and so forth with the rest of them. By the time I went back to continue the first one, I was reading it from a whole new state of awareness, making it that much more clear to me as I read.

I couldn’t have planned it better if I tried.

So anyway, I strongly recommend any of the following books from my own personal experience. However, only you can know if and when the time is right for you. (Click the links to learn more about each one)

  • A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose: While buying this book at a Rishikesh bookshop, the owner told me how Eckhart Tolle had visited his shop a few years back and what an amazingly humble man he was. “There was just something about him that is hard to explain,” he said.
  • Who Cares?! The Unique Teaching of Ramesh S. Balsekar: I stumbled upon this book at a local coffee shop just as my mind was about to explode from all this new information. Instantly I understood that mentally analyzing everything to death (till death) was just not gonna cut it anymore.
  • Intimacy: Trusting Oneself and the Other: One of the most open and honest strangers I met on this trip suddenly offered me a copy of this book just when I needed to hear it most.
  • Siddhartha: A beautiful soul we met on the trip recommended this book to us, saying that she always keeps it with her inside her bag. This beautifully written novel seemed to combine all the insights that I have been stumbling upon lately into one intriguing story.
  • The Tenth Insight: Holding the VisionOn my last day in India, one of my neighbors dropped by my room to ask me if I wanted this book. Approximately 5 years after finishing “The Celestine Prophecy”, I guess I was finally ready…
  • Tomorrow’s God: Our Greatest Spiritual Challenge: This book literally  jumped out at me at another small bookshop in the area, just as I was questioning what my role was in the whole transformation taking place in the world. Strangely, one of the first words I noticed in the book read:

    Do you think this is happening by chance?

    This is not. There is no such thing as chance. The universe does nothing by accident. This book has come to you to tell you that you can change the course of human history.


    Not only the people who run governments or own corporations or lead movements or write books or are influential for some other reason. Not only those people.


    You can change the course of human history.

    This is not an exaggeration. Please believe me. This is not an exaggeration.