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You Will Recognize Your Own Path

you will recognize your own path
It’s true! And the fastest way to recognize that it’s true is to see how it has already been true in your life. Those moments in life where you were doing something with all your heart, where you were feeling inspired, when you didn’t even notice how fast time flew by… Those are the moments when you know you are on your path and in alignment with your higher self!
~ Shira


People often wonder what they could possibly do about all the suffering and conflict they see in the world. Well, here’s your TO DO list (aka S.R.S.E.) :

1) SIT DOWN (Rest for a minute)
2) RELAX (stop worrying and being afraid)
3) SMELL THE COFFEE (enjoy the moment, be here now, bask in presence)
4) ENJOY THE RIDE (Let go and have fun!)

The truth is, this is the only thing you or anyone else can do about it. If you are able to bring that kind of peace and surrender into your daily existence, then you are bringing it into all of humanity. Because you are humanity; humanity is the sum of its parts.