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If you insist on contradicting your desires with “buts” all the time, (i.e. “I want to follow my passion BUT I don’t think I can make money from it”), try switching it around and adding a “but” to your doubts, instead.

For example: “I don’t think I can make money from doing what I love…BUT…I know that others have done it so I’m willing to research the idea and seek examples of those who make money from similar passions.”

Next time a doubt comes to mind, try adding a “But…” to that thought and see what you come up with. Your brain won’t know what hit it and your heart will thank you.

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~ Shira

You’d think it would be easier to convince humanity that the purpose of their life is joy, that they should follow their hearts, that they should do what makes them happy. For whatever reason, it’s not easy at all. Most of the population refuses to accept that, and even those who do are still working on believing it and understanding it in their own experience.