Diving All the Way In

Diving All the Way In

Recently I came across a man who home-schools his children. He said he doesn’t believe in sticking children inside 4 walls and forcing them to memorize information, but rather they take a topic that the child is interested in, and then they “dive all the way in”.

For example, if the child likes insects, they would go into the woods and observe different insects, then they would go home and research the ones they saw and learn everything there is to know about them – the different types, where they can be found on the planet, how their bodies work, etc. They watch videos, they ask questions, they discuss it, they dive all the way in.

What ends up happening is that the child naturally becomes exposed to things such as language, science, geography, math, etc, simply by being allowed to follow his or her current excitement.

I’m not a parent, but I am a kid, and that sure as hell makes sense to me… 🙂

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