About My World

So who are you?


Well, what is this blog about?

Contrary to humanity’s desperate need to label everything and fit it into a neat little box, this blog is not about one “thing”.

I have many interests, many ideas, many passions and many messages I want to get out to the world – especially as my own understandings unfold.

Could you be a bit more specific?

Though you can find posts here on just about anything that crosses my path, mostly I enjoy posting about topics that encourage personal, spiritual, social, environmental and global change.

Now share the real dirt about you:

I was born in Israel in 1979, grew up in New York and did some back and forth since then.

I like wandering my planet. “I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.”

Home is where my books are.

I design t-shirts as a form of expressing myself. I also opened an Etsy shop and then another Etsy shop.

I love coffee.

I’m incredibly sensitive to animals and connect with them on a deep level.

I can cry at just about anything.

I was born to sing (my name means “singing” or “poetry” in Hebrew), though I don’t do it as often as I should.

I only recently discovered that playing the drums makes me really, really happy.

I am a Gemini, meaning I have multiple personalities, get bored easily and need changes.

It also means that I’m a thinker.

I’m pretty sure some of my fears, gifts and issues today are due to previous lifetimes.

I consider myself pretty darn creative.

I’m an observer, so I love to spend time behind the camera.

It also means that people tend to see me as “quiet”, “shy” or “introverted” in real life.

Violence, hate and ignorance make me physically sick and I’m so fucking ready to move past all that.

Oh yeah, I also curse a lot. Usually when it comes to topics such as these ^ which get me very passionate and tend to piss me off.

I see 11:11 (been seeing it ever since I was a kid).

I grew up with an inner “knowing” that life should be fair, that everything happens for a reason, and that our thoughts and intentions create our reality. Meaning, we all have the right to be happy and we’re all capable of turning our lives around.

Sometimes I like to casually forget this knowing and suffer with the rest of ’em… but that’s just so I can remember it again. It’s all part of the process, I guess. Still figuring it out.

I’m fluent in English, Hebrew, body language, sarcasm and memes.

I have read the terms and conditions for growing up, and I do not agree.

Is that it?

No, there’s one more thing:

I used to think that I can change the world, but today I understand that I can only change myself.

I have been told that I’m crazy, that I’m naïve and that I live in my own world.

Welcome to my world.

Shira Tamir

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